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 Tavis Smiley 7 juin 2008

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Localisation : Lille

MessageSujet: Tavis Smiley 7 juin 2008   Lun 6 Juil - 21:48

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Tavis: I'm pleased to welcome Emily Procter back to
this program. She stars, of course, on one of TV's most popular dramas,
"CSI: Miami," which will be back for its seventh season this fall. The
show airs Monday nights at 10:00 on CBS, as if you didn't know, given
the ratings. Here now, a scene from "CSI: Miami."

So I didn't get a chance to talk to you before the season finale aired,
but some of your friends were a little scared when those bullets
started going off.

Emily Procter: I tell you what, I was always scared. I'm like, someone needs to tell me if I shouldn't go on vacation or not, what's happening? (Laughter) They're very tight-lipped about it.

So youhad to know, though, as one of the stars - you had to know, as we nowknow from the way the show ended, that you are okay on the show and in real life.

I'm fine. (Laughter) I went on vacation -

Tavis: You didn't know, going into that?

Procter:No. I went on vacation and I called several times, I was, like, did I
get picked up? Okay. (Laughter) Because Khandi has left, which, as you
can imagine after all of us being together for so long and especially -
because she and I have been the two girls that have been together the

Khandi Alexander.

Khandi Alexander, who played Dr. Alexx Woods, and I tell you what, I
could barely hold that together when we were shooting the scenes. I
was, like, what are you doing? Don't do it, don't do it. And they were
like "Emily, we can see your mouth moving." (Laughter) I was, like,
okay, okay, okay, so.

Tavis: When you get -how do I say this? There are two sides to this coin. On the one hand,people in this business die for, would do anything for a series that
runs for a couple seasons, much less five, or your case, now coming
back for your seventh season. You can make a decent - you can set
yourself up for life, you get the right series for a number of seasons.
That's the good side. The down side is that some folk are
always concerned that you can get typecast staying someplace too long.
So you were talking about being a little emotional that your friend
Khandi Alexander is leaving; how do you know, or think you will know,
when the time comes, for you to step away?

God, Tavis, can I just take this moment to say - and I don't know if
you remember this about me, but my college degree is in journalism. I
have so much respect for you for being a true journalist, there are so
few, and you are to be applauded. No one's ever asked me that question,
and I think it's - whenever people ask me questions about the show, I
always try and come at it from my own experience, because that's really
the only way I know how to answer. And so when I think about
certain scenes, I think about my true relationships with everyone - the
crew, the cast, the writers, the producers. "CSI: Miami," to me, what
has made it truly special is I think we had a very difficult time,
initially. Our first year was very hard. We were sort of the younger
child of a huge show, and none of us really expected it to be a hit. We
didn't know if people would watch or not, we didn't know if we would be
able to set ourselves apart in a way that people would find interesting
or entertaining. And so we struggled creatively, and then we struggled
with each other because all of a sudden you're working 90 hours a week
with people who were strangers two weeks before. And what I
truly love about "CSI: Miami" is we have all developed these very
special bonds with one another. For example, I've not seen this show
that we just saw the clip from, and I didn't realize that Adam and I
held hands in that scene. But I have such a dear place in my heart for
him and such tremendous respect for him, and I feel like it is a show
that when your time there is finished, it's very organic. And
that was a conversation that Khandi and I had. I said first of all, I
was, like, "I can't believe you didn't call me." And she said, "If I'd
called you, I know you would have talked me out of it." And we just had
the conversation of there is a finite amount of time in those
relationships, and it's individual.

You mentioned something a moment ago that I want to go back and get. I guess for those of us who are not trained or learned in the ways of
Hollywood, we might tend to think that being spun off of a series
that's already successful would be the easiest thing in the world to
do, that you'd want to be on "CSI: Miami," being spun off by this
enterprise that obviously already works. What I thought I hear you suggest to me, though, that there are challenges, though, with being on the spin-off.

Oh, it's terrifying. It's terrifying, because the original show was
such a monster. Like, it didn't matter where you put it, it was going
to be number one. And then the producers were like, "We have a great
idea, let's make a second one and set it in Miami," and we all went and
did the pilot and we're like, wahoo, wahoo, this is great. And
when they picked it up we thought what are we going to do? There's no
way that we can follow that giant show. And David I felt like was
really very clever in creating this sort of unusual persona of the lead
investigator, and I think it really helped us. And then we sort of
collectively got together and said, well, if we could do anything, what
would we do? And we thought, well, it'd be nice if it had
sort of a guilty pleasure aspect to it. If it was really a slice of
Miami, because that's how we feel when we're there. And then it's just
become a really good time for us. And so I haven't really experienced
what I think is sometimes common in series television, which is people
have a tendency to get bored. I haven't really gotten bored. In fact, I
have more fun, usually.

Tavis: How much time do you actually spend in - you don't live in Miami.

No, I live in Los Angeles.

How much time do you actually spend there?

Procter:About a quarter of the time. We're getting ready to go. We always start the season there; we usually end the season there. We didn't last year
because of the strike, but we love Miami. It's really fun. (Laughter) Tavis: Yeah, it is a great place. It's having, like, a renaissance, too. Miami's really coming back in a lot of ways.

Yeah, and it's gorgeous. It's really gorgeous.

Speaking of the strike, particularly now that we are hearing that there
may be another one of these around here, let's keep our fingers cross
that doesn't happen, how did the strike impact this show, your show?

Procter: I noticed (laughs) - this seems trivial, but in fact I found it to be
quite a substantial sort of moment. I'm the person who's in charge of
buying all the gifts from the cast to the crew and producers and sort
of filtering out to networks and things like that, and this year we
didn't buy anything because we weren't there. And that's a
lot of investment. That's a lot of people, it's a lot of gifts, it's a
lot of money out there in retail, and the fact that that didn't happen,
and if you think about that with lots of shows all over, that's quite a

Yeah. Speaking of quite a bit,I think I recall from the last time you were here you have quite a bit of family. So we're both from these large families. How's your big family doing?

Procter: (Laughs) I was, like, and we also covered that I may or may not be in your family, we don't know.

Tavis: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Procter: Your family's bigger than mine.

Yeah, only barely, though. Only slightly.

Procter:Oh, good lord. Well, Tavis, to be honest with you, I'm about to embark
on my family, my two weeks of family vacation, (laughter) which is
going to be - everyone's all worked up anyway, because there are, like,
4,000 of us, and we're all completely different. But it's on, because we're, like, completely divided. Like, it is, like, half McCain, half Obama.


And it's already, like, people are already angling, and it's going to
be - you should maybe cover it. (Laughter) You should maybe come down
and -

Yeah, that might be a reality show. That might be a nice summer reality show for CBS, just going to cover Emily's family for two weeks about this McCain-Obama divide.

Procter:And there's some swings. There's some swings in there. And so all of us
are already angling. We're like - I'm on the Obama side, and I'm like
how am I going to get the swings over to my side? And my aunt and I had
this long conversation, because we were, like, we have got to get
so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so in there, and I think we can do
it. (Laughter)

Let me ask if your bigfamily is like mine; that is to say that - how might I put this - themore exposed you become, the more well-known you become, you discoveryou have cousins that you didn't know you had?

Procter: I found that I have to buy a lot more presents than I - I was, like, "Who is that?"

Tavis:Yeah, that's funny. I think Holly, my producer - I didn't realize this.
Was there a movie that you did some years ago that you actually filmed
in this studio?

I can't believe it was not your favorite movie of mine, Tavis, it was "Breast Men." (Laughter)

Well. And just played myself on that one, but anyway.

Procter: I covered myself up this time; you were so polite the last time because I wore that sweater, and I was, like, oh, no.

Nice sweater, as I recall, but anyway, go ahead.

(Laughs) I was, like, "Why did I have that on?" I did - it was a movie
that was a very big deal for me because it was a bit controversial for
me with my family, who is very conservative, and I played the wife of
David Schwimmer and his partner was Chris Cooper, and they were doing

He was just here not too long ago, Schwimmer was.

Procter: Oh, he was? Talking about his movie?

Yeah, mm-hmm.

Procter: Did he bring this up? Because we were married on (unintelligible).

No, he did not. He did not bring this up. Shame on you, David.

Procter: I know, I have to call him.

Tavis: Go ahead, finish your story, though.

But we did a talk show with Chris and David and myself and Fred Willard, and -

Wait, wait, wait, wait, a talk show on my set?

A talk show on your set, and I sat basically right here. David was
there. You were in Fred Willard's seat, and a girl named Kathleen
Wilhoite, who's very talented. And it was the first day on this movie
for me, and I was supposed to stand up and walk off, and my mic got
caught and I panicked. And I just kept pulling at it and pulling at it
and I though oh, no, this is the worst thing to happen, I'm going to be
fired for sure because I can't get my mic off and walk off stage. And
it actually made it into the movie. And that was the first time I was,
like, oh, okay, maybe there's a little bit of room here.

See how life works? And now you're back here being interviewed on a real talk show.

Procter: It's true.

I think it's a real talk show.

Procter: And I'm not wearing a giant fake brassiere.

And your mic will not fall off as you leave the stage. I'm glad to have you back.

Oh, Tavis, I always love seeing you.

Tavis: I'm praying for you and your family reunion. Yeah.

Procter: Will you come with me? (Laughter)

Tavis:I don't know - I could moderate. I guess I could moderate. Wouldn't
that be cool? So I'd have your family, we'd all meet on the lawn, all
the Obama folk over here, the McCain folk - and I could do my best
Oprah impersonation and we'd just have a good talk show.

Procter: Well, then we'd know what side you'd be on.

No, I wouldn't, I'm just moderating.


Tavis: I'm just moderating. Anyway, you don't need me, you got this covered.

Well, I'm so glad to see you.

Have a great summer.

Procter: I always love to see you.

Good to see you.

Procter: It's been too long. Every time I'm here, I'm like, what -

Tavis: Come back. You can come.

Procter: Yeah, my schedule -

You can come back any time. What you doing tomorrow night? (Laughter)

Procter: I'm like, I'm not doing anything, actually.

Come back any time you want.

I'm really not.

Tavis:I love Emily, and many of you do, too, of course. And we love "CSI:
Miami," check it out, season seven, in just a few - when do you guys go
back to work? How long before you go back to work?


Tavis: July? Yeah, it's almost time to start taping again. Have a good summer.

You should come down there.

Now that I'll take you up on. (Laughs)

Procter: They'd put you in a bathing suit and shoot you.

Well, no bathing suit. (Laughter) How about I'll come down and I'll do
a cameo - I'll do a cameo. I'll do a cameo, just let me - send me my
sides and I'll work it out.

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Tavis Smiley 7 juin 2008

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